Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So, I recently got a comment from a friend, "I love looking at your blog!" and I thought, shoot, I haven't updated that thing in ages!! The good news is, Chris and I have not been bumps on a log lately, well if we have, at least not at home...

This past weekend, we loaded up the car and headed out of town to Gettysburg, PA. Everyone I tell this automatically starts reminising about school trips and childhood shenanigans. We had a good time. We picked the loveliest day to wander around the battlefield and turned a two hour auto tour into about four and a half. We leapt on rocks and climbed scary look out towers. It never crossed our minds that someone afraid of heights (Chris) would struggle on the towers. They look so harmless and not that tall from the ground! We both were a little queasy towards the top, but made it and oh what a view!
It was a nice trip. We needed the time together and the R&R. More to come....


  1. Ahem, am I this "friend" you're talking about? ;) Great pics! You guys are so cute!

  2. You guessed it!! I knew you would!